Women's Young Contemporary Wholesale Clothing in Los Angeles

The Tyche brand was founded by L.A. trend spotters who know what they like when they see it. There’s not enough fun and colorful women’s clothing at affordable price in retail market. Tyche produces young contemporary wholesale women’s clothing in Los Angeles for retailers, boutiques, and department stores nationwide.

Bold color palettes, striking print patterns, and hand-selected fabrics define the Tyche look. Our aesthetic is distinctive—but so is how you wear it. We’re not afraid of a good off-shoulder look, front-tie blouse, or asymmetrical slip. We design and manufacture every garment and can ship to anywhere in the world. When it comes to wholesale women’s clothing in Los Angeles, Tyche fashion turns every woman into a California girl. Browse our online catalogue of wholesale clothing from Los Angeles to find cute and contemporary looks your customers will love. For all price inquiries, sign up or give us a call (213) 537-7033.

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